Features and Functions

MuggUp is comprised of three parts that can be interchanged quite easily. we are approaching over 1000 possible combinations in color and with over 30 possible saying on the handle. It should be possible to find a MuggUp that fits you. We also can make custom saying for your wedding, business, or event. Tell your friends they should of had a MuggUp the next time you watch their drink slip through their hands.

Can Holder:

Works great on all standard 12 oz. cans. We are working on getting designs completed so that you can raise a glass with something other then a standard 12 oz can and cups.

Cup Holder:

Keg cups, solo cups, disposable cups are only a few of the plastic cups that MuggUp works on.

Hidden Features:

Can Opener:

It is more like a can cracker, but hey its all that is needed and its more then a guy could expect for a drink holder. Position the MuggUp as Pictured and slide the Top Catcher Under and crack your can open, clip on the MuggUp on your drink then crack the can the rest of the way and enjoy your beverage in your favorite mug.

Bottle Opener:

Help a friend out give them a can!! If he refuses the can. Grab their bottle bottle, and take the MuggUp off of your drink. Then take the folded up MuggUp drop the top over the Bottle top catch part of the MuggUp on the cap and pry up. Give your thirsty friend back their now opened drink. Clip your MuggUp back on your drink and enjoy your favorite drink in your favorite mug and your friends reaction.